groovy teas from groove teaGroove Tea creates organic, fair trade teas specially blended to taste good to children. Each of our children’s teas are healthy, herbal blends with no caffeine, no sugar, and no artificial sweeteners.

The Groove Tea Project is dedicated to introducing children (and their parents) to the cultural, uplifting, inspiring world of music and art. Each of our teas is named after one of our favorite songs, and these songs can be enjoyed by clicking on the Listen to Music button. The art on our site and on all of our teas is created by Cathy Stevens-Pratt, a remarkably talented artist who calls Vermont home. She is able to capture the heart of adults and the spirit of children in every swirl of paint.

Adults have long appreciated these benefits, but no one loves tradition more than a child. Setting aside 10 minutes every day to have a cup of tea with your children is a wonderful tradition that will benefit them, and you, for a lifetime.

We also have a line of adult teas for the mamas and the papas!

Buy our Tea Label Art!

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